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    Agustina Del Campo has been Director of CELE since 2016 and a researcher since 2012. Lawyer and Master in International Law and Human Rights from American University Washington College of Law. She is a Fulbright Research Fellow at Columbia University in New York (2015) and a member of the expert group of the Global Project on Freedom of Expression and Access to Information at the same university. She was a consultant for the Organization of American States and Amnesty International Argentina, among others. She is an undergraduate and graduate professor of international law, human rights, and the Internet, and an author and contributor to publications on the subject.

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  • Does it criminalize the expression?

  • Does it eliminate criminalization?

  • Does it impose civil penalties?

  • Does it eliminate a civil penalty?

  • Does it regulate content on the internet?

  • Does online expression make it more difficult than offline?

  • Do you regulate intermediaries on the internet?

  • Does it limit speech?

  • Does it meet all the elements of the test?

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