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Brazil – PL Amends Law No. 9.296, of July 24, 1996, to classify as a crime the behavior of commercialization of data derived from the interception of telephone, computer or telematic communications. The conduct of those who acquire, offer, market, market or participate in the dissemination, for profit, of telephone, computer or telematic interception data, environmental monitoring or violation of judicial secrecy, without a judicial nature, is typified as a crime. authorization or for purposes not authorized by law, punishable by imprisonment from 2 to 4 years and a fine (No. 615) – 2021

Brazil – PL amending Law No. 13.869 of September 5, 2019 (Law on Abuse of Authority), to provide for abuse of authority associated with racial insults; Decree Law No. 2.848, of December 7, 1940 (Criminal Code), to typify the crimes of Racial Hatred; Law No. 9.296, of July 24, 1996, which provides for the collection of information to prove the commission of crimes; and Decree Law No. 3.689, of October 3, 1941 (Criminal Procedure Code), to facilitate access to information for the prevention and repression of the crimes of kidnapping and aggravated homicide (PL No. 4791) – 2020

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