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Argentina Law No. 26.571 National Electoral Code - 2009

Law on the democratization of political representation, transparency and electoral equality (Articles 31, 35, 43 bis, 43 ter, 43 quater, 43 quinquies, 43 sexies, 43 septies, 43 octies, 43 nonies, 44 ter and 44 quater) .

Peru Law No. 27.270 Against Acts of Discrimination - 2000

It incorporates a new chapter to the Penal Code (Crimes against humanity), whose only criminal type is that of discrimination. The rule in question did not specify the specific way or behaviors in which the discrimination could be manifested.

Peru Law No. 26.847 Ratification of Publications - 1997

Amends Law No. 26775, to regulate procedural aspects of the rectification request and the origin of the amparo for unsatisfactory rectification. Furthermore, it does not specify whether legal entities can request rectification.

Peru Law N ° 30.414 (Political Organizations) - 2016

It modifies the law on political organizations, and establishes that the founding act of the political party must include an “express sworn statement from each of the founders stating their commitment and democratic vocation, unrestricted respect for the constitutional state of law and freedoms and fundamental rights. Furthermore, it establishes the obligation that "the founders of the party may not be prosecuted or convicted for crimes of terrorism and / or illicit drug trafficking."

Peru Law No. 30.171 (Computer Crimes Law) - 2013

The type of criminal discrimination is modified to also include incitement to discrimination. The aggravating circumstance is modified to indicate that it occurs when the discrimination materializes "through acts of physical or mental violence or through the Internet or other similar means".

Peru Law No. 30.077 (Law against Organized Crime) - 2013

Law against organized crime that establishes communication intervention measures and imposed a duty of confidentiality on natural and legal persons in the private sector who are collaborating with the delivery of information, when required.

Peru Law N ° 30.076 (Law to ensure Efficient Development) - 2013

Creates a new crime called "serious disturbance of public tranquility" in article 315-A of the Penal Code, which sanctions the dissemination by "social media or any other by which the news, the imminent realization can be massively disseminated of a false or non-existent fact or situation, related to damage or potential damage to the life and integrity of people or public or private property ".

Peru Law No. 29.988 (Law that establishes extraordinary measures for teaching and administrative personnel of public and private educational institutions, implicated in crimes of terrorism, apology of terrorism, crimes of violation of sexual freedom and crimes of illicit drug trafficking) - 2017

It establishes the separation and disqualification of teaching and administrative personnel from public and private educational institutions, sentenced for terrorism offenses, apology for terrorism, crimes of violation of sexual freedom and crimes of illicit drug trafficking. It also created a Registry for those who had been convicted or prosecuted for such crimes.

Peru Law No. 29.733 (Personal Data Protection Law) - 2011

Personal Data Protection Law, which establishes the obligation to require the consent of the owner of personal data to be able to use it (including in forms of expression), and from which the existence of a "right to be forgotten" has been interpreted.

Peru Law No. 28.251 (Child Pornography)

It establishes aggravations for the crimes of obscene publications, child pornography and facilitation of access to brothels and to cinemas or shows with obscene representations, among others, when this dissemination or promotion is carried out through the internet. It also incorporates into the Penal Code the crime of advertising child prostitution, child sex tourism and trafficking in minors under eighteen years of age.

Peru Law No. 28.094 (Law on Political Parties) - 2003

Law on political organizations, which includes an article that declares the illegality of a political group in the event that its activities are "contrary to democratic principles", in particular, when they provide political support for the practice of terrorism or contribute to "multiply the effects of the violence, fear and intimidation that terrorism generates ”.

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