CELE Director, Agustina Del Campo, presentation on the UN Forum on Minority Issues, Nov.19 &20

Thursday 19th, UN 13th session of Forum on Minority Issues. This year, the Forum reunites representatives of States, Civil society, specialists and academics to discuss Hate speech against minorities in social media. Our Director, Agustina Del Campo, was invited to join the panel on the regulatory and institutional framework against hate speech on minority issues. Our panel was asked to address the complementarity between articles 19 and 20 of the ICCPR as well as other Conventions against discrimination, Legislative and Institutional Frameworks that may contribute to accountability and fighting impunity, and possible solutions to a disturbing trend in raising hate speech, particularly against minorities, and especially in social media. I will attempt to follow this order in my presentation highlighting a few key issues within each that I find particularly relevant to this discussion. These are not exclusive nor are they exhaustive.